"Innovate or Die?... Here's How You Can Design a Creative Culture with
an Endless Flow of Creative Ideas & Solutions for Your Business and Life!"


It's a sad reality of our times that many old stalwart businesses are dropping like flies, while new upstarts are raking in millions. Not fair? Maybe...but you can be in on the upward trend by staying at the cutting edge of your industry or start fresh in a new arena-maybe even one that didn't exist 5 years ago.

The benefits of cultivating creativity reach widely across all facets of a business operation: to people, products and processes. Since creativity involves making new connections between things in ways not seen or done before, the scope for improvement or brand-spanking new creation is infinite. Creativity also involves simplifying to the level of essence; perfect for updating processes and systems.

In the fast-paced, changing world we live in, the ability not only to keep up, but to lead the way is what will allow you to survive and thrive. We also know that unless there is a strong reason WHY, you often don't want to be bothered with trying new things, even if it will make your life easier, better and richer!

My name is Donna Kim-Brand, and I have spent the last few decades working with companies, entrepreneurs, and educators to develop their creativity and thinking ability in order to benefit their life and work. I use a process of 'Creativity and Thinking by Design', which includes cultivating both a creative Mindset and a Toolkit. While the steps are simple, I know you are busy, so you need assurance it's worth the time and effort to learn how to be creative and how to apply creativity to real work and life situations.

The benefits of being creative are many and varied, beyond what you could imagine at first. While simply 'being creative' is a worthy and fun expression of our humanity and expands our comfort zones, the real power of creativity in business is captured and rewarded when we direct our creative efforts to add VALUE. This approach allows us to work more productively with focused attention to value creation, collaboration, cross-silo-communication and simplification of systems and procedures through insightful streamlining.

A creative culture may be experienced as one with:

protocols, tools and systems to focus on creating profitable new products & services rapidly

colleagues and clients in relationships of focused cooperation, vibrant collaboration and prolific productivity

better use of existing resources, better serve staff & customers & better ROI without spending more time or money

awareness of using the power of perception & focus to deliver results with less stress & conflict in daily business activities

Do all these benefits of creativity enmeshed in your culture guarantee results and profits? Not necessarily, because there are several factors involved in establishing sustainable creativity and innovation, on personal and organizational levels. But what you can be sure of is that NOT making effort to set up a creative environment or learn creativity tools assures that you are leaving it to chance. Why would you do that?

Bringing curiosity and a spirit of discovery to work can turn the ordinary day into a rich adventure, in more ways than one! The ripple effects have infinite potential, which includes massive potential Return on Investment and Imagination (ROI).


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